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Jack & Joanne


Jack and Joanne is a team

of full time Real Estate Professional

 that specializing in Bukit Panjang area.


 Your Trusted Bukit Panjang Team



Our services cover you through the whole transaction process-finding/selling the property, negotiating the best price, making an offer, closing the deal and all the way till the transaction is completed.

We take pride in our service as you deserve the accurate current market information, and professional advice to make the best real estate decision in your life.

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无论是买或卖房子, 我们会竭尽所能,为您分析,讲解,寻找/策划营销,为您争取最好成交价,一直伴您们一家直到完成交易。

我们 处事一切以 “诚”为本,以您为先!


Jack graduated from The University of CSU Fullerton in USA, moved to Singapore in 2001 and started working in a Multi-National Company. 


During his stay in Singapore, he found his passion in Real Estate through his own experience in renting and finally purchasing his own apartment. 


He wanted to help more home hunters like himself to find their dream home, in Singapore or overseas…


Soon, he made a bold decision to leave his stable, high paying job to become a Property Agent.


He had since won many Awards with a large pool of ready clientele and referrals. He’s someone professional with a wealth of industry knowledge.

You can contact him anytime for non-obligatory discussion.








Joanne started her career with the National Carrier as a Cabin Crew. She decided to leave the glamorous job in her early 20s and had since worked in various Multi National Companies. 



She was managing a Sales Team in a National Listed company before she finds better personal satisfaction in the Real Estate industry where she can see the happiness in home hunters’ and sellers’ face when the deal is sealed.

Service is in her blood, she’s a good listener who will understand your needs and requirements and is always trying her best to achieve customers’ satisfaction.







​美洁的第一份工作就接受了新航的严格训练。 早期就不再眷恋令人欣慕的空姐生活,毅然从零开始,脚踏实地的在事业上奋斗。


有了新航的高服务标准,加上后期多家国际公司的严格训练,加强了她聆听,设身处地与判断能力,不论买或卖, 都能以你为先。




SOLDBy Jack & Jaonne

We have SOLD Many resale HDB in Bukit Panajng. 3Room HDB, 4 Room HDB and 5Room HDB & Executive HDB.  

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